I graduated from the University of Bordeaux with a Master of Science in Quality and Reliability in 2001. I am skilled in techniques for the evaluation and the improvement of the reliability of electronics systems and devices. Along 13 years within the Technology Transfer Department of the University of Bordeaux, I provide technological and scientific advises to electronic Industries in reliability field. I participated to 14 R&D programs (Europe and France) and I achieved a hundred of contracts for the Industry.

I offer my expertise for the Industry with the help of my knowledge in transversal techniques and skills, in physics electronic and mechanics. With my experience in failure analyses and scientific computing, I develop and build methodologies to evaluate and improve the reliability of electronic systems. Driven by a curious mind about innovation, I transform an R&D idea to a practical method for the benefit of the Industries.

I propose now my expertise in reliability and durability of technologies as an independent consultant. I advise you in industrial projects during the design, the qualification and the production phases, to build highly reliable systems.